This post lays why the Justice Department might require Google to sell Chrome. Please visit to fix page speed and core web vital issues on your website.

After an extensive investigation by the Justice Department and state prosecutors, it is reported that the Chrome browser may at the center of its antitrust lawsuit. In this post, I explain who Google uses its market dominance in Chrome to change the web and business. According to Google,

The Chrome User Report provides user experience metrics for how real-world Chrome users experience popular destinations on the web.

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CrUX reports on what Google…

I am writing this newsletter about the visual design of

I recently re-launched a beta of on February 24, 2021, which is in the early stages of refinement. As I researched competitors and similar single-page apps, I found that all the components looked the same.

I’m a failed art student and fan of punk, so I’m naturally interested in brutalist web design which follows its architectural ancestry seeking to be simple, honest, and functional.

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Let’s be honest, there are NOT many opportunities to build brutalist web applications. But with this side hustle, it seemed perfect.

I found brutalist…

In this post, I discuss how to write user-story acceptance criteria to improve web page speed. Please visit to fix page speed and core web vital issues on your web site.

In my experience, page speed is seldom discussed unless it is a problem. Stakeholders want to know why pages are slow and when they will be fixed. The agile approach I outline is a conservative but proven strategy for improving page speed. It assumes that the issue is complex and the fix requires more than a single release.

Time-Based Measures

To start, I do not start with time-based measures (i.e…

This post assumes that you have been working to improve Core Web Vitals and need clarity on how Google uses the metrics. Please visit to fix page speed and core web vital issues on your web site.

I have been working on making pages faster for over a decade and have seen all kinds of shenanigans when it comes to page speed. Way back in the day, we mistakenly used server response times which were soon replaced by time-to-first byte. Oh and then we got fancy.

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We started measuring “page load” (or specifically the window.load event which corresponds to…

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